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Discover the Impact Floor Graphics Can Have On Your Exhibit

When designing an exhibit, many companies mostly think about catching the attention of the visitors at the eye level. It is paramount to come up with a display that is dynamic and great graphics. Using multimedia is also important. However, many businesses forget about an additional essential technique to make their brands strong. They fail to realize the important role that floor graphics displayed on trade show carpets or flooring of other kinds of trade show plays. The truth is that the floor graphics can have a great impact on the visitors.

Many businesses think that the visitor will not take note of what is below their feet, which might be correct to some extent. You would not like the visitors to look down since you want them to read the information on your displays. However, never assume that they will not glance down. People are curious to know what they are stepping on as they walk. Also, if you are creative to come up with unique trade show flooring, visitors will notice a difference underfoot as they pass and come to your booth. Rubberized flooring or trade show carpet leaves a special feeling when stepped on and this may make many people want to see what they have stepped on.

Although the floor graphics underfoot will attract the attention of the people, it is paramount to be keen on how long you will capture this attention. In most cases, many visitors will only give it some few seconds of attention and then move on to look elsewhere. You should make sure that you make a powerful and clear impression from the time they glance at the carpet. You should, therefore, avoid having graphics that are cluttered. Professionals such as Image360 advise that the floor graphic should have only one logo, printed in large font at the middle of the exhibit.

Avoid using a different kind of theme. This is because you risk losing the attention of the audience before capturing what you want to communicate. If you consider having a print graphic that is small and repeats after a few foot square section of your flooring you may easily lose your visitors as they move on. To make a big impact, consider having one big and attractive design which will immediately attract the eyes. You can have floor graphics printed irrespective of the style you select. The cost of printing the graphic will depend on what you want. Make sure that you choose a graphic that suits your booth and brand. You can read more about the most common and useful graphics tools here:

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